Steven Fife

All Event Groups and Multi-Event Athletes 



Jac Harris (currently on leave) 

Tristan Christie

Noah Dommasch

Carter Teal

Bram Greczkowski

Jessica Miotto

Clayton Latham (U12 and under)


Mark Goveia (All Jumps)

DeAndre Fournier (Horizontal Jumps)

Jason Pilkington (Vertical Jumps) 

Brian Cartmell (Horizontal Jumps) 

Clayton Latham (Horizontal Jumps- U12 and under)

Distance/ Mid Distance/ Cross Country

Cheryl Rosts

Tammy Gaspich

Kenny McLeod

Kelly Uskin

Throws - Shot put, Discus, Javelin, Hammer/ Weight

Kelly Saldutto

Johnny Ahlstedt 

Amanda Evans

Nathan D'Costa (Javelin) 

Colton Spencer (Javelin) 

Matt Collavecchio (Discus)


Dave Lavictoire

Jessica Miotto

Colton Spencer

Future Track Stars

Tristan Christie

Bram Greczkowski

Kenny McLeod

Amy Browett (currently on leave) 

More information about coaches coming soon. To contact a particular event coach feel free to email us at thoroldelitetc@gmail.com!

Strength & Conditioning Coaches


Bram Greczkowski               Brian Cartmell               Mark Goveia               Kelly Uskin               Matt Collavecchio

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Recovery & Therapy
Bram Greczkowski (Athletic Trainer)

We are proud to offer a growing number of coaches who are specialists in their event groups. Many of our coaches are former athletes themselves. We even have two National Champions among our jumps coaching team. 

Please be aware that all coaches are VOLUNTEERS and that they all have their own lives, families, jobs, and responsibilities. Many coaches are only part-time or assistant coaches. Some are also still in post-secondary school or starting their own careers. We are grateful for their involvement and they may not always be available to attend all practices due to other obligations or personal circumstances. We do our best to provide a variety of coaches and believe that athletes benefit from working with different coaches. 

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Coach Fife. 

Consulting Coaches

Thank you to the following coaches for being available for consultation, clinics, and/or additional training opportunities.

John Van Loon - Pole Vault          Dave Lowe - Pole Vault           Jeff Miller - Pole Vault          Jeff Hayhoe - Pole Vault           

Nathan Stern - Throws                 Alex Rudan - Javelin

We are always interested in expanding our coaching staff with coaches who are knowledgeable, committed, and willing to work as part of a team! If you have a passion for track & field and would like to make a difference in the athletic community, we would love to hear from you and discuss how you can become a part of our staff!