The Thorold Elite Track & Field Club was founded in 2016. We are part of Athletics Ontario and the Minor Track Association of Ontario (for athletes grade 8 and under), and are proud to be the newest club to serve the needs of the Thorold and greater Niagara communities. We pride ourselves on being a club for everyone and on putting our athletes first. 


The Thorold Elite Track Club currently provides training and coaching in all disciplines/ event groups including sprints, hurdles, distance/ cross country, jumps, throws, steeple chase, and multi-events. Our athletes range in age from grade 3 to grade 12+ and include a combination of recreational athletes and highly-competitive athletes who have competed at provincial and national championships. We have a combination of up-and-coming track athletes, multi-sport athletes and provincial/national medalists and record-holders.


We believe in promoting healthy active lifestyles and positive character traits in our athletes, including leadership, teamwork, cooperation, perseverance, and commitment.

Mission Statements

· To provide opportunities for athletes to develop and improve their skills/abilities in track & field in a positive, supportive, and team-oriented environment

· To help and support every athlete to reach his/her goals and potential

· To remove barriers for athletes, increase participation in the sport of track & field in Niagara, and to foster the development of high-level athletes

Practice Information

Our training consists of larger group practices and smaller, event-specific practices. This combination allows us to build a sense of community and team by allowing athletes of all disciplines to interact and train together some times, while also allowing more individual coaching and attention within event groups. 


*All Practices follow Local/ Provincial and Athletics Ontario safety guidelines/ restrictions*

Indoor Training: We offer a fully LOCAL indoor training program that is unmatched by anyone in the province. We have indoor practices for sprints, hurdles, throws, and jumps. We have transformed local spaces into track training facilities with indoor throwing circles, high jump mats, portable track lines for sprints and hurdles, and other equipment needed for high-performance training. Weights programs are offered through our partners at Iron Performance Center in St. Catharines and strength & conditioning (primarily for our athletes 12 and under) is offered through Crossfit905 in Niagara Falls. For more specific information about our indoor training opportunities please contact Coach Fife at thoroldelitetc@gmail.com

Outdoor Training: The outdoor season begins with generalized conditioning to build fitness and then branches off into more event-specific training. Outdoor practice times, dates, and locations vary throughout the region but are communicated to athletes and parents in advance. Please see the online calendar or contact Coach Fife for more information.